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Go Rapid DNA


DNA Results in 90 Minutes
Designed for Law Enforcement

"The most successful Rapid DNA programs across the country involve direct partnerships between law enforcement and accredited crime labs"
                                        - Dave Reichert,
                                                                                                                       Former King County, Washington Sheriff and U.S                                                                                         Congressman                                

Complimentary Rapid DNA Webinar for Law Enforcement Agencies

Request a no-cost 60-minute webinar on Rapid DNA programs  for your organization and learn how your department or agency can benefit from such a programs and what federal funding is available.

A webinar includes presentations from law enforcement agencies that have successfully implemented Rapid DNA programs. In addition, the webinar will include forensic DNA policy/legal experts and technical experts who will explain the capabilities of Rapid DNA systems.

After receiving your request, we will work with your designated contact to schedule the webinar and answer any questions about Go Rapid DNA programs.

Rapid DNA Webinar Registration

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Go Rapid DNA

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Go Rapid DNA

About Go Rapid DNA

Go Rapid DNA was launched in 2022 with the intent to educate and spread awareness about Rapid DNA. It is our mission to bring attention to the value of Rapid DNA to solve crimes and exonerate the innocent quickly.


Go to  Rapid DNA Resources to learn more about Rapid DNA and how it can be advantageous to your agency and community.

Go Rapid DNA is hosted by GTH DNA

Go Rapid DNA

of Rapid DNA

Get DNA Results on day of the crime

DNA investigative leads immediately

Process DNA samples in 90 minutes

Exonerate suspects fast

Operated by police officers

Identify human remains

Rapid DNA Helps Solve Crimes Today and Prevent Victims of Tomorrow


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