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Fishers Police Add DNA Testing Device

Published: Sept,13, 2023

By: Camila Fernandez

FISHERS, Ind. — Fishers police has added a device to help solve crimes.

The department can now test for DNA in just 90 minutes.

The new equipment, which is manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific, is helping the Fishers Police Department generate leads and identify suspects faster.

Chief Ed Gebhart of the department said, “The sooner you can identify your suspect and move your case forward helps to move resources in that general area. It helps the community in general in totality of finding out exactly what happened at each of these scenes.”

Detective Sgt. Jim Hawkins of Fishers said, “The criminal forensics investigators will come in, take their crime scene samples or suspect samples. They’ll put it into a cartridge. It’ll go into the instrument itself here and then the software will tell us if we have a DNA profile and, if so, does it match to an existing case.”

The chief said, “We felt like this was the next progressive step toward engaging and aggressively pursuing crime forensically.”

Fishers police say the equipment is just one step in the crime-solving. The department will continue to work with the Indiana State Police.

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